Purchasing the 2018-19 Australian Government BUDGET documents


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Shipping Details
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Mail - The first set attracts a $17.50 P&H charge – each additional set will attract a P&H charge of $10.00.
Mail - Single Paper's attract a $7.00 P&H charge – each additional paper will attract a P&H charge of $1.50.
Code Title Price Qty
BUDGETSET2018-19 Budget Paper Set 2018 - 19 $105.00
BS2018 Budget Speech 2018-19 $12.00
BP1-2018 Budget Paper 2018 - No. 1 Strategy and Outlook 2018-19 $18.00
BP2-2018 Budget Paper 2018 - No. 2 Budget Measures $18.00
BP3-2018 Budget Paper 2018 - No. 3 Federal Financial Relations $15.00
BP4-2018 Budget Paper 2018 - No. 4 Agency Resourcing $15.00
BM2018 Regional Australia - A Stronger Economy 2018 - 2019 $15.00
BO2018 Budget 2018-19 Overview $15.00
BG1-2018 Budget Glossy - No.1 Stronger growth to create more jobs $15.00
BG2-2018 Budget Glossy - No. 2 Guaranteeing the essential services Australians rely on $15.00
BG3-2018 Budget Glossy - No.3 Ensuring the Government lives within its means $15.00
Budget Papers Set includes:
Budget Papers 1-4 and Budget Speech
Ministerial Statements, (number to be confirmed)
Budget Overviews, (number to be confirmed)

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